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Issues that arise in criminal law cases often carry over into the practice of family law.  I am able to provide legal representation for my clients when needed for divorce, child custody and child support matters.


An uncontested divorce is more cost effective by far than a contested divorce.  If you and your soon-to-be former spouse can agree on terms for an uncontested divorce, you will come through the divorce proceeding with more assets available to be divided between you, instead of paying a lot of money to divorce attorneys to carry on the fighting into a courtroom.

An uncontested divorce meets all of the following requirements:

  1.   The parties AGREE that they want a divorce;
  2. The parties AGREE how their personal property and real estate will be divided;
  3. The parties AGREE how their debts will be divided;
  4. The parties AGREE no temporary restraining orders, protective orders or temporary child support orders are necessary;
  5.   Only 1 spouse will hire an attorney and file the divorce, the other spouse will sign a ‘waiver of citation’ AGREEING that they don’t need to be formally served with notice of the divorce lawsuit;
  6. Both spouses will sign the last page of the divorce decree finalizing all issues upon which they have mutually AGREED; and
  7.   If there are children, the parties mutually AGREE:
    1. which person will be the primary person that the children will live with,
    2. The children will follow the standard Texas visitation schedule, or some modified form of the standard visitation schedule, and
    3. The amount of child support that will be paid.

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